Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Good morning from the Dade City Wild Things Zoo!!!

We have embarked on a new stretch of adventure seeking daredevils who dare to zip line across our tiger enclosure! We are in the process of preparing a zip line across our newest enclosure that will house several tigers in a 150 year old sinkhole that is filled with water from an underground water source. Tigers love the water and this is a beautiful enclosure both in practicality and in aesthetics! Add to that a zip line that crosses the structure and the Wild Things Zoo will once again earn its namesake!!! There is information on our website:

Our tours are featuring the American Bison this week. We have two beautiful girls, mother and daughter, close to 2000 lbs. each. Our tram tour will take you comfortably around the park, teaching and talking to our human friendly animals, some as close as 3 feet! We will stop and get off of the tram and start talking to the bison, persuading each to swagger up to us while holding carrots and romaine lettuce within their peripheral vision! The first step is slow, the rest of the steps are quick! The pampering with the carrots and lettuce are enjoyable to all and especially to the two big girls!!!! Pics will be taken of each feeding to collect off of our website later that evening.

Our Sunken Jungle Walking Tour is priced at: Adults $22.99, Seniors $20.99, Children (2 - 12) $12.99. Our Jungle Safari Tram Ride is priced at: Adults $14.99, Seniors $13.99, Children (2 - 12) $12.99.
Afterwards, try a Class A personal encounter with one of our animals which have earned the Stardom labeling that include a White Bengal Tiger Cub, 7 weeks old; a 3 month old Coyote Pup; or a 3 month old Lynx Cub.
The Class B personal encounters are available hosting gators, bearded dragons, ball python snakes, deer, fawn, piglets and a variety of other intriguing animals!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dade City Wild Things Zoo Week

Good Morning Animal Lovers!

The Dade City Wild Things Zoo is ready for another great week of Sunken Jungle Walking Tours and Jungle Safari Rides that entertain and teach our patrons about animals from around the globe! We offer these tours Tuesday thru Thursday on our 22 acre site for an intimate, up close and personal grandeur display of these beautiful animals.

This week we will be featuring our 'zoo keeper for the day' program where you will come in and interact with the animals alongside our trainers with their expert knowledge guiding you to be a zoo keeper! Be prepared to train, feed, clean and display the animals to our tours throughout the day. Also, be prepared to go home dirty and tired!

Our school program has a month left to show our school age children the husbandry of caring for animals at an impressionable age. Our school tours are age appropriate with teaching and learning our goal here at Dade City Wild Things Zoo. This is a discounted program for all schools, just call 352-567-WILD (9453)!

We are proudly displaying our Barbary Lion, Arjuena, this week on our Jungle Safari Ride. The Barbary Lion was last known to exist in the wild in the Atlas Mountains in 1922. We are proud of this 600 pound lion and you will be rewarded just from talking to him and calling his name. His roar back will vibrate you!!.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

 Ringtailed Lemurs
                                                                       Fawn Feeding
                                                                     Hank the Zebra

                                                                      Summer Camp
                                                            Trainer Kelsey and the Cub
                                                   White Bengal Cub Introduction to the Park
                                                                      Daily Tram Tour

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dade City Wild Things Introduction

Good morning all!! We at Dade City Wild Things Zoo are pleased to be able to publish the information of our animals and the upcoming attractions we will be having at our location in Dade City, Florida. We have a population of over 300 animals....lions, tigers, bears, alligators, primates, deer, panthers, jaguars and more!!!! We are currently in our summertime camp season held yearly for our school age children to educate them on the animals of the world and what we can do together to preserve nature's classroom!  Follow us at: