Saturday, August 31, 2013

Huge Labor Day Swim Day!

Huge Swim Day Today at Wild Things Zoo!!! 

Enjoy today at the park with one of Dade City Wild Things swim with TIGERS!!! We have two openings remaining for our feature 'Swim With A Tiger' today!

Stay tuned for our Land Rovers Adventure Series: Episode two, to be aired tonight.

 Dry off after the Swim
Swim With The BIG Boys
Swim School: Dog Style OR Tiger Style

Friday, August 30, 2013

Labor Day With The Tigers In The Sky!!!

 Remington is a cloud in the sky!

Remington is here for photo shoots!
Labor Day Weekend Photos For The Fun And Memory Of It!
White Bengal Tiger Photos At That!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bruno Mars and Wild Things Tiger Cub

Kelsey, our trainer, and one of our Dade City Wild Things Tiger Cubs, Back Stage with Bruno Mars last night at the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

Bruno Mars 'Jungle Room', last night at the Tampa Bay Times Forum, hours before the start of his show, having a 'Meet and Greet' with one of Dade City's Wild Things Tiger Cubs. Dade City Wild Things provided the Tiger Cubs celebrating Bruno Mars', 'Moonshine Jungle' tour.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Remington twerk versus Miley Cyrus twerk

Remington Topsy Turvy Twerk

Remington's twerk has garnered quite a bit of attention world wide via photos posted to our website and social venues. Even Miley Cyrus is having competition with this pose. In person, he makes all photos personable with your face being next to his!!!

Come see this BIG Little Dude turn your day upside down with laughter!!! 
The personal encounter with Remington will twerk you up!!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Land Rovers Adventure Series Episode One: Aftermath

Watch Randy the Tiger Man find his missing mate as the Kenya Tours airplane crashes in the jungle amongst tigers and the unknown in the middle of nowhere!!!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wild Things Land Rover Adventure Series First Episode Tonight

Tonight is our first episode of the Wild Things "Land Rover Adventure Series" to be aired on This will be a survivalist series captured and filmed here at our park highlighting our animals. We hope to generate a passion in you for the care we give these exotic beauties and the humble spirit they exude as you visit them at the park. Every Saturday night will be a new show as we culminate to the climax of the series. We will also be airing an educational series on Wednesday nights showcasing a different animal each week. Follow us on Facebook and stay tuned!!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Exotic Re-home Birds!!!

 Good Morning Bird Lovers!!

Sweetie, the Green Cheek Conure

The addition of our Exotic Re-home birds has us preparing a center stage Bird Show in the near future with Missy, our bird trainer, and her talented array of exotic birds!! We are preparing a new area/habitat for these display birds while they are being worked with and their mentality is coming to the forefront. These are two of the variety we have re-homed here at Wild Things Zoo. The birds have appreciated their attention they have received and they will let you know it....just look away!!!

George, the African Grey

George has a wide vocabulary already on display for us.

The train whistle has us stopping the golf carts at the zoo and looking both ways!!

The microwave beeper is going off before the food is done!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Exotic Bird Re-home at Wild Things!!

Wild Things Zoo is pleased to announce the re-home of several exotic birds!!  A few are candidates to be incorporated into our up and coming Bird Show.  Stay tuned for more info and schedule times for the exciting Bird Show, Keeper Talks and the Wild H2O Water Show.  Also, remember to like us on Facebook!!

 Niki, the Goffin Cockatoo

  George, the Blue and Gold Macaw

From L to R:
Kiwi, the Yellow Faced Amazon
Pepe, the Yellow Naped Amazon
Jordi, the Mealy Amazon

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Today at Wild Things

Morning time is always a great time to greet the animals and to prepare for the day. We have a busy schedule today with the walking tour schedule, the tram ride schedule and the private 'swim with the tigers' schedule. The first task at hand though, is to feed/water and clean the animals and their habitat and to greet them preparing them for their encounters with the people coming to see them.

One example is Ozzy the ostrich, who loves to flutter his wings, dance foot loose and smile to his handler as his morning wake up call. This preparation enables Ozzy to 'act like a ham' even though his ostrich stature says otherwise. The tour guide knows Ozzy is ready to greet the crowd with his 'Big Bird' picturesque presence. Thrilling to watch, captivated by a huge smile.

We are thrilled to be able to show our human friendly animals to the public as both are rewarded with each others company!

Ozzy and the Flutter

Ozzy and the Dance

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Start With The Zoo!!

Every week we start off with a new schedule for the staff, for the zoo and for the clientele. This week is no different other than we are starting a new TV series to be produced every Saturday night. We mentioned the series last Saturday in a sneak preview showing, hope you enjoyed it.

 Wendy the Patas Macaque monkey
 Jessica the American Bison

We will be introducing new portions to the zoo, stay tuned in!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our ALLIGATORS speak their mind!!!

 What did Chompers whisper to Edward?

What did Chompers share with Dolly?

 Chompers wants the lead in the photo shoot with Edward.... and shares some LOVE with Dolly!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Come and visit!

Marvin here! Come and visit me this Saturday at Wild Things!
Remington, White tiger Cub is now available for swim encounters at Dade City Zoo.  This is a once in a lifetime experience. 
Tigers (and Jaguars) are known as the best swimmers of all the big cats, with webbing between their toes to make their feet more like flippers. We found that, in the water, people and tigers were on a more equal footing when the tiger is swimming. We can manipulate them more easily as they are floating. When they are young, they love taking baths and then we slowly introduce them to the pool. As part of their training, they are taught many lessons that assist us in their adult life, making them more comfortable with examinations and medical treatments. The guest becomes part of the training, in teaching them to ignore distractions and abide by their training as they would do in the exhibits when receiving examinations. In the Florida heat the tigers will gravitate to the pools on their own for a cool down.  They love to have this opportunity to interact and cool off as do the trainers.

So come for a once in a lifetime experience and become a tiger trainer's assistant while swimming in Florida's beautiful weather!

Big Cat Feeding

Dade City's Wild Things is now offering Big Cat Feeding at the Zoo. 

Have you ever longed to look in to a Tigers eyes just inches away from you, or wanted to get close enough to be able to see the fangs of a jaguar? Now is your chance to get closer than you ever imagined to these beautiful animals! Get yourself or a loved one the chance to meet our Tigers, lions, jaguars, leopards or panthers under the watchful eye of one of their keepers.  Its a bone-crunching wild time you will never forget. 

When you personally feed these breathtaking Siberian or Bengal tigers, jaguars, panthers, leopards or lions you’ll gain a new appreciation for how big these cats really are from a mere 3 feet away. Witness the power and majesty of these predators up close, in a way you never imagined possible.

Having these Big Cats use to target training also assist keepers in keeping a close eye on these awesome animals for medical purposes.

After a tour you can book one of these group Big Cat Feedings for you selective cat or all the cats.  Cost is $19.99 per animal per person it includes 5 pieces of meat and for $2.50 more you can add an egg feeding (yes you heard right. . . big cats love eggs).
Call 352-567-WILD (9453) for more information on making your reservation

We are in this together!

                                                    "He has me by a nose!"

                                              "They call me Sweetness!"

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Good morning Zoo people!!!

It's a beautiful day, come out and visit us. We LOVE to people watch!!!!  Hope to see you soon....

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

                            Find more fun and information at
We have been really busy these past few days. Guests are loving this Florida Sunshine!!!
Join in the fun and call 352-567-WILD (9453) for info and to join in on the fun!

 Remington our sweet baby white tiger cub just finished shooting a PSA segment for Visit Florida.
A great organization that promotes tourism to our great state!!  Learn what Florida has to offer at
Ready for a new day at Wild Things Zoo!

We have a full day ahead, a packed crowd today, our trainers are ready for a 'Swim With The Tiger' fan fest!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday at the Zoo!

Monday's at the zoo are a work day. The park is closed and all hands work around the park getting it ready for the week. From tram washings to tree trimming, all is done in preparation for the crowd coming to the zoo! Today we cleaned cameras and walkie talkies and  got them ready to move into our new video house. The new video house was installed last Wednesday as we prepare to video the zoo happenings. Animals, patrons,staff and things related to the zoo will be our focus as we start a new venture into the video world!
Stay abreast for the videos to come!!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Good Morning from the Dade City Wild Things Zoo!!!

What a great day yesterday was!!! Four Jungle Safari Walking Tours and three Jungle Safari Riding Tours! Our little man, Remington, turned seven weeks old and truly upholds the White Bengal Tiger legend. Remington dons the Star of the Show as he entertained several guests by rolling over and having his belly rubbed by all. Pics were absolutely awesome and were downloaded by all from our website last night.

Sunny days are great days for the animals. Last week we saw rain every day which dampened their spirit for showing off! This week has been sunny and with their human friendly side, were ready for visitors to share with them their beauty. Our animals are a vain breed in that, the attention they garner....the better the show! Tony, our famous one year old Bengal Tiger, grinned all day as he was being addressed from the many who took the Tram Tour yesterday. Cornelius, the Tampa Bay Mystery Monkey, had all cracking up displaying his hilarious antics!! Our featured American Bison wrapped their tongues around carrots from the crowd...who had a bigger smile than the Bison did!!

Get in on the adventure at the Dade City Wild Things Zoo...(352)-567-WILD or